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First Monday July 2000


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Dear Reader,

The July 2000 issue of First Monday (volume 5, number 7) is now available at


Table of Contents

Volume 5, Number 7 - July 3rd 2000

The CyberFrontier and America at the Turn of the 21st Century:

Reopening Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier

by Jeffrey R. Cooper


The Orbiten Free Software Survey

by Rishab Aiyer Ghosh and Vipul Ved Prakash


Electronic Purses: (Which) Way to Go?

by Leo Van Hove


Software Agents take the Internet as a Shortcut to Enter Society: A

Survey of New Actors to Study for Social Theory

by Dirk Nicolas Wagner


The Use of Focus Groups in the Design and Development of a National

Labor Exchange System

by Brenda L. Killingsworth, Robert E. Schellenberger, and James W. Kleckley


Workforce Literacy in an Information Age: Policy Recommendations for

Developing an Equitable High-Tech Skills Workforce

by Joseph Slowinski


Computer Architectures for Protection of Personal Informatic

Property: Putting Pirates, Pigs, and Rapists in Perspective

by Steve Mann


Plato as Distance Education Pioneer: Status and Quality Threats of

Internet Education

by Gary Klass


Letters to the Editor



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