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June 20, 2000: This message was distributed by Papyrus News, a free e-mail distribution list on the global impact of information technology on language, literacy, and education. Feel free to forward this message to others, preferably with this introduction. For information on Papyrus News, including how to (un)subscribe or access archives, see <>.



YOUTHLEARN is an electronic mailing list sponsored by the Morino Institute ( YOUTHLEARN focuses on issues related to working with youth and technology, specifically in out-of-school settings. This list encourages the exchange of information, teaching techniques, practical tips and provides space for questions for other members online. Practitioners who are directly working with children and educational experts will be particularly interested in the YOUTHLEARN list. As a forum for discussion, YOUTHLEARN intends to:

* Create a space where practitioners can exchange questions and responses to urgent questions

* Provide up-to-date information about learning and technology issues and initiatives

* Facilitate collaboration among community -based organizations working in this field

* Support the creation of an online community for those working with and interested in the use of technology to increase opportunities for youth in out-of-school programs

* Encourage and increase information exchange to build the capacity of community-based organizations

This list grew out of online discussions and exchanges by participants in a face-to-face training program created through the Youth Development Collaborative Pilot (, an initiative of the Morino Institute.


To subscribe to Youthlearn:

1. Send an email message to listserv@LISTSERV.MORINO.ORG

2. Leave the subject line blank

3. Type "SUBSCRIBE YOUTHLEARN" (withOUT quotation marks) in the body of your message

And that's it. You will then receive messages from anyone on the list.

To post to the list once you are subscribed, send a message to:

If you have any questions about the list, please contact Victoria Vrana at the Morino Institute,

Victoria Vrana

Morino Institute

Washington, DC

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