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Next Generation Internet


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Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 16:37:43 +0200
From: "Bruce Girard"
Subject: TP 24-6/7 - Next Generation Internet

Next Generation Internet -- A special issue of Telecommunications Policy

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The editorial and some of the articles from a special double issue of Telecommunications Policy (24-6/7, July/August 2000) are now online at <>

The theme of the issue is "Next Generation Internet".

The lead article, _Understanding Next Generation Internet: An Overview of Developments_, is by Tony Rutkowski, special adviser to the issue.

He introduces the NGI, the initiatives driving it forward, some major elements of NGI development, and points to some links to important market and policy issues.  He reminds us that the Internet is not a network as we typically conceive a network, but a means for integrating networks and services.  As he sees it, the NGI is an "enabling mechanism" for experimentation from everywhere, and for the development of ubiquitous mass services.

In another article, Jens Arnbak, Chair of the Dutch telecom regulator, OPTA, looks at some important issues for telecom regulation in the dynamic NGI technology and market environment.  He points to the importance of unbundling network transmission components into basic layers of physical capacity, network management, value-added services and content services.  This provides a foundation for promoting competition and experimentation more effectively, and a guide to focus regulation more sharply in the specific levels of the network where it is needed.  He presents what he calls the "open space" for network communication, and argues that a major role for regulators is maximizing efficient access opportunities to that space.  The important forthcoming issues of fixed-mobile integration and UMTS licensing are presented as illustrative applications of his framework for analysis.

Three reviews are online: Christopher Hunter reviews Simson Garfinkel's _Database Nation_ , Carleen Maitland reviews _Trust in Cyberspace_, a collection edited by Fred Schneider, and Kas Kalba reviews _Internet and Society_, a study by the Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society.

Also online, in the Current Statistics section, Matthew Zook writes about using host and domain counts to map the internet.

The issue's editorial, abstracts for all articles, and links to authors' prepublication versions are also at

Table of Contents

Telecommunications Policy - Volume 24, Nos. 6/7 (July/August 2000)


FROM THE EDITOR -- William H. Melody


Understanding Next-generation Internet; an Overview of Developments - Anthony M. Rutkowski (Special Advisor to this Issue) - Abstract and Full article Online


Regulation for Next Generation Technologies and Markets - Jens Arnbak - Full article Online


Access and Innovation Policy for the Third-Generation Internet -- Francois Bar, Stephen Cohen, Peter Cowhey, Brad DeLong, Michael Kleeman, John Zysman -- Link to authors' pre-publication version

Protecting the global information commons -- Stephen J. Lukasik

What's in a name, what's in a number: Some characteristics of identifiers on electronic networks -- Hendrik Rood

ICANN between Technical Mandate and Political Challenges -- Wolfgang Kleinwachter

Pricing internet services: after flat rate -- Lee W. McKnight and Jahangir Boroumand


Multiple incentive internet pricing for NRNS: A Case study -- Theodore Apostolopoulos, Costas Courcoubetis, Sandra Cohen and Xanthi Psiakki


Internet Metrics: Using Host and Domain Counts to Map the Internet -- Matthew Zook - Abstract and Full article Online


Only the Lonely: Internet Usage and Effects, a review of Internet and Society, a report by the Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society -- Kas Kalba, Kalba International, USA - Full article Online


Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century, Simson Garfinkel -- Reviewed by Christopher D. Hunter, Annenberg School for Communication - Online

Trust in Cyberspace, Fred B. Schneider, editor -- Reviewed by Carleen Maitland, Delft University of Technology - Online

Convergence in European Digital TV Regulation: Law in its Social Setting -- Reviewed by Lesley Hitchens, School of Law, University of Warwick

Telecommunications Policy is concerned with the changing roles of telecommunications in the economy and society.  It provides a forum for research and debate amongst academics, policymakers, regulators, industry managers, consultants and other professionals.  Its orientation is multidisciplinary and international, encompassing issues of both theory and practice.  Its scope includes issues of telecom reform at national, regional and international levels, including issues confronting both developed and developing countries. It pays particular attention to the implications of convergence for knowledge infrastructure development, management and regulation.

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