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Online Conference on Teacher Education


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Online Conference for Teacher Educators


Conference Dates:  February 12-14, 2001

Pre-conference Web Site:

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Opening Gates in Teacher Education is the first virtual conference out of Israel where teacher educators will discuss important issues pertaining to Teacher Education. The conference, as reflected in its title, will emphasize the opening of gates to new fields and interests, to new ways of thinking and teaching, to the state of the art in research and innovative projects.

Our conference provides the means for you to meet and discuss issues of utmost importance with colleagues and prominent educators from all areas of teacher education. For a complete listing of presentation formats, themes, topics, and the proposal form, please visit our pre-conference Web site at  If you have never participated in an online conference, we urge you not to miss this chance! Visit our site and sign up for more information and updates. Send questions and/or comments to the conference organizers at This conference is sponsored by the Mofet Institute, Israel.


The organizers of the 2001 International Conference for Teacher Educators would appreciate it if you would share the following message about our conference with the faculty at your university.  We hope you and your colleagues will join us at this exciting event.  For questions/comments, contact

us at

Jean Vermel and Elaine Hoter

Conference Conveners

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