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[Note: the spreadsheet mentioned below can be downloaded from

The data can be used for any academic or non-commercial purpose]

From: "Linguistic Studies" <>
To: <>
Subject: Stats on Linguistic Groups
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 02:00:33 -1000

I thought you might find my recent monograph of interest:

Linguistic Cultures of the World: A Statistical Reference (Greenwood Press)

The book gives over 150,000 stats covering 500+ language groups worldwide (demographics, economics, geography, etc.). I would be glad to send to you an EXCEL spreadsheet of the raw data (or to any researcher who may find it of interest). Otherwise, the link below to Amazon gives more qualitative details; the book, however, is largely covered in the spreadsheet which is complementary to researchers/scholars.


Phil Parker

Professor of Economics and International Studies


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