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Educational Technology & Society 3.1


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Dear colleagues

The January issue (Vol. 3, Issue 1) of Educational Technology & Society, (ISSN 1436-4522) peer-reviewed online journal, is now available in HTML and PDF format. It is freely accessible at: <>

The content list of the January issue is enclosed below.




Educational Technology & Society (ISSN 1436-4522)

(Peer-reviewed journal of IFETS and IEEE Learning Technology Task Force)



Formal discussion summaries

"Transactional distance theory as a foundation for developing innovative and reactive instruction"

Moderator & Summarizer: Wendy Lowe

"Student Hypermedia Composition"

Moderator & Summarizer: Jill Jameson


Conference Announcement

"TEND2000 - International Conference on the Role of Technical Education and National Development"


Special issue articles

"Learning Individually : a Life-Long Perspective"

Katherine Sinitsa (Guest Editor)

Special Issue Full papers

"Flexible Lifelong Learning in Professional Education"

Denise Kirkpatrick and Robert McLaughlan

"Intelligent Tutoring Tools for Cognitive Skill Acquisition in Life Long Learning"

Ashok Patel, Kinshuk and David Russell

"Integrated Web-based support for learning employability skills"

Janet Strivens and Simon Grant

"ICT Driven Individual Learning: New Opportunities and Perspectives"

Paola Forcheri, Maria Teresa Molfino and Alfonso Quarati

"OWL: A Recommender System for Organization-Wide Learning"

Frank Linton, Deborah Joy, Hans-Peter Schaefer and Andrew Charron

"A Web-based personal and professional development tool to promote life-long learning within the construction industry"

Alan P. Maddocks, Willy D. Sher and Andrew Wilson

Special Issue Short papers and personal experiences

"Computer-managed Instruction: Evaluation of Alternate Methods of Technology Integration in Higher Education"

Padma G. Anand and Adi Zaimi

"Breaking Down Perceived Barriers to Lifelong Learning"

Gene E. Fusch

"Interactivity in a Graduate Distance Education School"

Brent Muirhead


Full length articles

"Developing Higher-Order Skills with the MEDIT Web-based Learning Environment"

N. Karacapilidis, O. Abou Khaled, M. C. Pettenati and C. Vanoirbeek

"University Administrators' Understanding of Multimedia Copyright Guidelines"

William Kordsmeier, Rebecca Gatlin-Watts and Joseph V. Arn


Software reviews


Reviewer: William Sugar

Response from the producer


Website reviews

"Towards a Lifelong Learning Culture in Canada"

Reviewer: Kevin Casey

"Educational Software Cooperative (ESC)"

Reviewer: Ignacio Aedo

"The Virtual School House"

Reviewer: Martha A. Sanchez


Book reviews

"Teaching for flexible learning: Learning to apply the technology (MOLTA)"

Reviewer: Richard Malinski

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