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CALL for the 21st Century


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Registration for 'CALL for THE 21st CENTURY' - now open !!

IATEFL Computer Sig Event to be held at ESADE, Barcelona, Spain. June 30th - July 2nd, 2000.


        Carol Chapelle: CALL in the 21st century: Looking back on research to look forward for practice

        Catherine Doughty: What do computers assist in language learning? Perspectives from SLA research.

        Chris Tribble: Language Corpora: what relevance do any of them have for English language teachers?

        Gavin Dudeney: The Global Classroom

        Martha Pennington: Writing Minds and Talking Fingers: Doing Literacy in an Electronic Age

        Mark Warschauer: The Death of Cyberspace and the Rebirth of CALL

        Paul Brett: Multimedia - a breakthrough for CALL?

        Gary Motteram: Language Teacher Education in the age of ICT

        Geoff Jordan: Five Environments for CALL

There are 50 more papers and a full timetable, registration forms to print out, and all information can be seen on the computer Sig www pages at:-

This conference aims to provide a "state of the art" overview of the many uses of computers to assist language learners by drawing together some of the world's leading CALL practitioners. The application of computers to various aspects of the language learning process has existed for more than 30 years. Applications have been made to all the language skills: writing, reading, speaking, listening, and use been made of a variety of computer technologies. The arrival of multimedia and the Internet has caused an enormous growth of interest in CALL, and in the last ten years we have seen a growing body of research into the ways in which computers can best facilitate language acquisition. Has CALL finally come of age? Will new technologies change the way we teach and learn a foreign language? Will they change the way we train our language teachers? The conference aims to provide participants with both an authoritative overview of where we are in CALL from some of those at the forefront in the world of CALL , together with some answers to questions about what the future holds.

Paul Brett

Co-ordinator IATEFL Computer Sig

Geoff Jordan

ESADE Idiomas

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