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Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference


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     * * * * * * * FINAL CALL TO REGISTER * * * * * * *

Fifth Annual  Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference "A Virtual Odyssey: What's Ahead for New Technologies in Learning?"  April 12-14, 2000

To register: <>

[For additional registration info: Diane Goo <>; For general information: Jim Shimabukuro <> or Bert Kimura <>]

Included in this message:

1. Keynote Presentations

2. List of Presentations

3. Writing Teams: Call for Participants




Dr. Bert Kimura and A. Nadine Burke have assembled an outstanding list of keynoters for the Fifth Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference, "A Virtual Odyssey: What's Ahead for New Technologies in Learning?" During the three-day, completely online event, each keynote will be linked to an asynchronous forum, and registered participants will have an opportunity to join in the discussion that's generated by the presentation. LiveChat breakout sessions are also planned for most of the keynotes, and these, too, will be open to all participants.

MARK MILLIRON, EDWARD LEACH, and STELLA PEREZ. "A Vision of What's to Come: Innovation, Collaboration, and Learning at Our Fingertips"

MAURI COLLINS and ZANE BERGE, "Convergence to Divergence"

STEPHEN C. EHRMANN, "Evaluating Computer-Intensive Programs: Start before the Beginning and Look Away from the Computers"

PEG WHERRY and TAMARA AIRD, "What's Ahead--and Behind: One Institution's Odyssey with Online Support Services"

BARRY WILLIS, "Distance Education's Best Kept Secrets"




COMMUNICATION: Learning Communities

- Frank W. Yurgens, "Community and Collaboration in Online English   Composition"

- Ernestine K. Enomoto and Lynn Tabata, "Creating Virtual Learning Communities through Distance Learning Technologies"

- Bridget Arend, "The Art of Letting Go: Using Groups Effectively Online"

- Anne Bliss, "Identity and Presence in Web-based Courses"

- Lori Herod, "Interpersonal Presence in Computer-Mediated Conferencing Courses"

- Michael Coghlan and Vance Stevens, "An Online Learning Community -- The Students' Perspective"


- Bradley W. Bleck, "John Dewey's 'Educative Experience' and MOOs as Learning Environments"

- Joyce D. Meyer, "Citizenship on the Internet"

- Julie Gibson and Philip Rutherford, "Growing a Natural Classroom Dynamic on the Web"

- Barbara L. Nubile, "Managing Online Communication with On-Campus Students"

- Marie Jasinski and Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, "Virtual Games Real Learning: A Seriously Fun Way to Learn Online"

- Katherine Watson, "Creating an Administrative/Educational Nexus for Language Learners Online: A Learning Community Born from Interactivity"

- Merilyn Taylor and Fred Biddulph, "Developing a Truly Interactive Undergraduate On-line Course"

- Michael Benton, "Problematizing the Borders of Popular, Elite, and Resistant Culture: Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Bennetton, Adbusters, Douglas Rushkoff and Taco Bell"

COMMUNICATION: Collaboration

- Jan-Michelle Sawyer and Terri O'Fallon, "The Online Phenomena of Transformative Learning"

- John Stathakos and Lynn E. Davie, "Collaborative Learning on the Internet: Learning Partnerships in the Online Classroom"

- Vanessa Dennen, "Using Problem-based Learning in the Online Classroom: A Study of Collaborative Learning Groups"

- Ruby Evans, "Providing a Learning-Centered Instructional Environment"

- Thomas R. Danford, "Collaborative Group Work in OnLine Biology Courses"


- Judy A. Serwatka, in "Distance Learning for Computer Information Students: What Works, What Doesn't"

- Veronica E. Lyaschenko, "Distance Education for Central Asia through the Internet"

- Jacquelyn G. Abromitis, "Trend Analysis of Distance Education and Implications for Public Postsecondary Institutions"

- Bruce Cheung, "Online Alumni and Classified Community"

- Jeannette L. Sasmor, "The Innovation College--An Update"

- Ed Coll, "From On Ground Face Time to Virtually Yours"

DEVELOPMENT: Instructional

- Denis Hlynka and Eric Crone, "Looking Backward: Using the Past to Examine the Future"

- Palmer W. Agnew, Anne S. Kellerman, and Bernardo Torres, "Some Technologies, Trends, and Price Break Throughs Ofnology: Spiritual, Mystical and Paradoxical Memories of the Future"

- Satoru Shinagawa, "Teaching Japanese On-line"

- Susan Gaer, "Project Based Learning: Pros and Cons"

- Jane Sisk, "The Emerging Role of the Electronic Mentor"

- Mark Mabrito, "Designing and Developing an Online Writing Course"

- Mary I. Dereshiwsky, "The Ten Commandments of Success in CyberInstruction"

- Ron Morgan, "Exercising Your Options with Computer-Delivered Instruction for Physical Education Classes"

- Osher Doctorow, Marleen J. Doctorow, and Sam Hopper, "Internet Flashcards: Communication and Access"


- Danilo M. Baylen and Joan Glacken, "Educating Health Care Professionals at a Distance: A Case Study of an Online Course"

- Emily Golson, "Sorting Out Different Expectations for Online Courses"

- Kwi Park-Kim, "Teaching On-line: Lessons Learned from CUNY On-Line Project"

- Libby Roeger, "Teaching Aristotle New Tricks: Building Ethos and Pathos--Audience Appeal into Web-Based Instruction"

- Robert C. Fulkerth, "Teaching Technical Applications in a Text Environment: The Case of Teaching Cold Fusion Online"

- William R. Klemm, "Do-It-Yourself Creation of Internet Courses of Instruction"

- D. Jason Nolan, "VASE: The Virtual Assignment Server Environment"

DEVELOPMENT: Professional

- Karen McComas, "Developing and Sustaining Online Communities for Teachers"

- Ruth Garner, Irene Ilott, and Penelope Robinson, "Enabling Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to Engage in the Information Age"

- Claire Brooks and Carole McCulloch, "Avatars, Teachers and Other Mythological Creatures: Use of Fictionalised Identities for Professional Development in Teaching and Learning Online"

- Nick Noakes, "Helping Teachers to Develop as Online Facilitators"

- Jeffrey Ferris Cooper, "Mr. C's MUVE LinC Project"

- D. Michele Jacobsen and Charles F. Webber, "Electronic Publication: A New Medium with Emergent Editorial Issues"


- Cody Ding, "Evaluating with Technology: Spectacular Danger and Myth of the Future Learning"

- Daniel D. Gross and Vicki Burford, "Communicating Care in Online Courses: Rhetorical Strategies for Meeting Expressed Student Confusion and Frustration with Online Instruction"

- Deb LaPointe, "Distance Learning Course Evaluations: What Do Distance Learners Expect from Us?"

- Brian Miller, in "Nutrition Education Online: An Alternative to Large-Class Environments?"


- Greg Beatty, "Learning from Hybridity: Lessons for a Present Future"

- E. Marshall Wick, "Creating Significant Differences through Web Enhanced Courses"

- John Fitzsimmons and Wendy O'Brien, "Online Resistance: Learning Learning Modalities while Studying the Short Story"

- Amy Braziller and Diane Hegeman, "Hybrid Instruction as a Learning Solution"

- Vincent K. Pollard, "Digital Equity in Online-enhanced Political Science Classes"


- Ruth Garner, Margaret Dilloway, and Pearl Whiten, "Uniting Europe: Tackling Employment Needs of People from Disability or Disadvantaged Groups through Learning Technology"

- Sara K. Hendley and Jackie Waller, "Enabling People with the Greatest Need to Access the Best of What Is Available: Preparing Tutors, Therapists and Mentors to Use ICT to Deliver Services to People in Their Own Home"

- Mary Hricko, "Distance Education and Special Needs Students: Providing Access with Adaptive Technologies"

- Mary Ellen Nourse, "Adaptive Technologies for 2000"

- Loretta Kasper, "Collaborative Focus Discipline Research and the Internet: A Content-Based Intercultural Exchange"

- Gloria L. Mcmillan, "Hosting Live Global Literary Sessions at DU MOO"




[Note: To date, the following teams have been formed; others may be formed in the next few days. To join a team, please write to the chair or to Jim Shimabukuro <>]

The purpose of each team will be to explore, discuss, and report on the impact of new technologies on learning in its specific area of concern. More specifically, each team will focus on: (1) the current state of new technologies and learning in the team's target area; (2) the major trends in the coming years; and (3) the critical issues that need to be addressed.

Team 1: TECHNOLOGICAL CHALLENGES for the 21st Century. This team will take a broad look at new and existing learning technologies. To join this team, contact the chair, KINSHUK <>, Massey U, NZ. Members: Evans Craig, U of New Mexico; Thomas R. Danford, W. Virginia Northern CC; Robert Fulkerth, Golden Gate U.

Team 2: MATHEMATICS & NEW TECHNOLOGIES. To join this team, contact the chair, RUBY EVANS <>, Santa Fe CC. Members: Dale Mueller, Canyon College.

Team 3: LANGUAGE LEARNING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES. The focus of this team will be new technologies in foreign language instruction in two- and four-year colleges. To join this team, contact the chair, SATORU SHINAGAWA <>, U of Hawaii-Kapiolani CC. Members: Bharati Holtzman; Katherine Watson; Bela Conley; John H. Steele; Paul Benfield Rogers.

Team 4: ADMINISTRATION & NEW TECHNOLOGIES. To join this team, contact the chair, Dr. PAT TYRER <>, Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center, TX. Member: Joseph Fly, South Plains College, TX.

Team 5: INTERNATIONAL ISSUES & NEW TECHNOLOGIES FOR LEARNING. To join this team, contact the chair, STEVE MCCARTY <>, Kagawa Junior College, Japan. Members: John Afele, U of Guelph, Canada; Ramesh Chander Sharma, Deputy Director, Indira Gandhi National Open U, India; Thomas R. Danford, W. Virginia Northern CC; Bharati Holtzman, U of Wisconsin System; Thomas Mamoru Kondo, U of Hawaii-Kapiolani CC; Gloria Mcmillan, Pima Community CC, Arizona; Jery Dehart, U of Aizu, Japan; Kelly A. Goudreau, U of Maine.

Team 6: THE LIBRARY & NEW TECHNOLOGIES. To join this team, contact the chair, ILENE FRANK <> or <>. Tampa Campus Library, U of S. Florida. Members: Rhonda Smith; Mark Dibble.

Team 7: ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM. To join this team, contact the chair, VINNIE LINARES <>. U of Hawaii-Maui CC. Members: Mary F. O'Sullivan, W. Wisconsin Technical College; Dale Mueller, Canyon College; Kelly A. Goudreau, U of Maine; Jim Cantrell, U of Wyoming, Laramie)

Team 8: STAFF DEVELOPMENT & THE NEW TECHNOLOGIES. To join this team, contact the chair, A. NADINE BURKE <>, Delta College. Members: Yaacov Katz, Bar-Ilan U, Israel; Bridget Arend,, CO.

Team 9: THE LAW & NEW TECHNOLOGIES. To join this team, contact the chair, ROBERT N. DIOTALEVI, <>. The College of West Virginia.

Team 10: NEW TECHNOLOGIES & THE DISABLED. To join this team, contact the chair, RUTH GARNER <>. Learn Net Advisors and Research, UK. Members: Margaret Dilloway, Bournville College of Further Education, UK; Pearl Whiten, UK.

Team 11: NURSING/HEALTH SCIENCES & NEW TECHNOLOGIES. This team needs a chair. If you're interested in leading this team, please email a statement of interest and a brief professioanl bio to Jim Shimabukuro <>]

Team 12: COLLEGE COMPOSITION & NEW TECHNOLOGIES. To join this team, contact the chair, BEVERLY FRIEND <>. She is an Oakton CC, IL.

Team 13: PSYCHOLOGY & NEW TECHNOLOGIES. To join this team, contact the chair, DAVID KIMWELI <>. Louisiana Tech U.

Team 14: THE FORMER USSR & NEW TECHNOLOGIES. To join this team, contact the chair, RONAELE WHITTINGTON <>, U of Hawaii Manoa. Members: Nika Lyaschenko; David Mikosz; Mariam M. Abdykerimova & Gulya Gulbarchin, International U in Kyrgyzstan; Alexander Kiral & Elena Kim, students at the American U in Kyrgyzstan.

TEAM 15: TAKING THE DISTANCE OUT OF EDUCATION. To join this team, contact the chair, MARGIT MISANGYI WATTS <>, U of Hawaii at Manoa. Member: Karen Laing.

[Note: ADDITIONAL TEAMS will be announced as they are formed. To suggest a team emphasis related to the overall theme or to chair a writing team, please write to Jim Shimabukuro <>]


TCC 2000 Online Conference (c) 2000, University of Hawai`i - Kapi`olani Community College, Honolulu, HI

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