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Meet Zoli

21 Aug 1999 - I subscribed to this list yesterday. I've read some messages in the archive and visited the list's homepage too. I liked what I saw very much, so I thought I should join this community. You won't believe it; I even talked to Vance yesterday on ICQ.

Zoli's picture or graphic can go here.

Vance told me that you'd have a meeting at the Palace tomorrow. I hurried to download the required software at once. Unfortunately, things didn't go smoothly; I still have problems with the software. The PalaceViewer (a java program) works properly, but the software doesn't. I can see only a big P, and after I've connected (or not?) everything remains

the same. There's a dialog box at the bottom, but that's all. When I type something in it, the program thinks that that's an address. I don't know why. I'm afraid I won't be able to join y'all on Sunday unless a miracle happens or you guys help me somehow.

(Zoli contacted Vance on ICQ on Sunday, and together they were able to work out that Zoli didn't have enough memory to run the Palace client plus other programs. So after rebooting and launching only the Palace, Zoli managed to get his Palace client to work and he joined us there on 22 Aug, 1999 - miracles happen in Webheads!).

Okay, enough of this. I think you want to read something about me too. Well, my name is Zoltan Zmeskal. Zoli is short for Zoltan, so please call me Zoli. I'm 21 years old and I am studying mechanical engineering. I come from Hungary and I live in its capital, Budapest. Maybe you've already heard about this European city. I'm building my homepage now which will contain a page about Budapest, or so I hope. I have a lot of other great ideas as well, but now I don't want to tell you all of my secrets. I'll let you know after I've finished designing my homepage. I saw some of your personal pages on the homepage of the Webheads class. I only took a short look at these pages, but I'm sure that sooner or later I'll know you all.

I love English and I try to take every opportunity to improve my knowledge. I think my vocabulary isn't rich enough yet, so I try to read as many English books as I can. I've found a load of online novels on the Net and I'm subscribed to many newsletters. I have some American friends as well. I talk to them a lot through ICQ. (My homepage also will contain an English page with links -- oops, one of my secrets :))

I want to spend the next summer in the USA as a camp counselor! I also love hiking, taking photos, and ... listening to music. I do love music! I listen to every kind of music, but my favorites are dance and rave. Don't worry, I'm not a guy who is always in the disco. In fact, I don't like to go to disco because of the very loud music and cigarette smoke. I also love the music of the 60's and 70's because of the catchy melodies.

I think that's all for now. I guess you'll have to wait for my picture, but I'll do my best to send it as soon as possible.

See you later,


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