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Meet Dongbum

I'm Dongbum Lee, an engineer on the ironmaking technical team in Pohang Steel Works POSCO. In undergraduate school, my major was aluminum recycling.

Dongbum's picture can go here.

When I joined this company, the company provided me the chance to take an MBA course in the USA. Therefore now I'm preparing for the GMAT.

But it's to hard for a foreigner who uses another language. I feel weak in sentence correction and critical reasoning. So I think I need to study grammar and reading comprehension.

And I can use a web browser (Netscape) and download the software. But my computer system is based on Windows 3.1 (because our company's system uses Win 3.1). So I hope you have Win 3.1 versions of the software.

Finally, I'm able to meet a class after 10 a.m.GMT, Monday through Wednesday.

I'm very interested in your class. I'll be looking for your reply. Thank you.

All the best

Dong bum Lee

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