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Meet Supaphun

I'm a Thai girl. I was born at Bangkok in 1974. I'm 24 and I live in Bangkok now.

I'm a good girl and pretty. I'm kidding.

You can call me Su.

Su's picture or graphic can go here.

In 1995, I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science from King Mung Kut Insititute Technology of Ladkrabung, Thailand. Since then, I have been working in a software company. In my first and second year, I was a programmer and worked in application development. After that I was promoted to programmer analyst.

I've got one sister and one brother. Although, there are many problems here such as pollution, population congestion, high cost of living, crime and etc., Bangkok is still the center of Thailand. We like Bangkok because there are many comforts and conveniences here such as public transportation, public parks, public zoos and much more of interest here.


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