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Chat with students Ying Lan from Taiwan, Gloria from Paraguay, and Bridgett from Jamaica - and teachers Michael C and Maggi

March 19, 2000

22:11:05 - Status Log Opening

Michael C: Hi Folks!

Maggi: Hi

Maggi: Bridgett was looking for at the voice chat

Michael C: Sorry I'm late. I've been buiding a page for the logs from yesterday.

Maggi: you

Michael C: Are you there Bridgett?

Maggi: logs from yesterday?

Maggi: her body is

Michael C: Yeh - the Vancouver thing.

Bridgett: that okay I am hear now ,

Maggi: oh thaqt

Maggi: that

Bridgett: I am flinging out old mail . brb

Michael C: I thought it was wonderful.

Maggi: it was

Maggi: I am becoming famous here even

Michael C: Check if you want.

Maggi: thanks

Michael C: What do you mean "famous (there) even?

Maggi: here in Germany

Michael C: Yeh but how? why? what?

Maggi: suddenly everyone wants to know what we are up too

Michael C: Because of things like yesterday?

Maggi: was on Neteach

Maggi: made to our local ELTAF

Michael C: Who wants to know? Oh - on NETEACH. Were there postings on NETEACH about it?

Maggi: yes...I guess there was

Michael C: If there were I'll catch them tomorrow - via my work address.

Maggi: because they wanted to know what it was all about

Maggi: this was a while back

Maggi: now they want me to present at our conference in Sept.

Maggi: Sperling onlinemade to our local ELTAF

Michael C: And so they should. I've been keeping it pretty quiet in my workplace. But slowly it's leaking out - via Neteach. And you are going to present aren't you?

Maggi: well...

Maggi: why not?


Maggi: eeee

Michael C: Precisely.

Maggi: sorry

Michael C: Do you mean Dave Sperling will be at that conference?

Maggi: my last presentation was a downer because of no connection

Michael C: Bummer man.

Maggi: no, they want me to try and get him

Michael C: Oh - you gloing to try?

Maggi: well...I have to find him first

Michael C: Email.......

Maggi: then I wonder how much he will want

Michael C: Well that's a more relevant q.

Maggi: yes...I'm cheaper

Michael C: LOL

Michael C: Me too - even if you fly me over....

Maggi: and probably not the worst bet

Michael C: there's an idea....

Maggi: hey yes...

Michael C: Just the airfare will be fine thanks!

Maggi: you would love to come to Europe

Michael C: You bet!

Maggi: what is the going rate

Michael C: About $1200 US.

Maggi: might be workabl...

Michael C: Maybe a bit less...

Maggi: you can staqy here

Michael C: Are you SERIOUS?????

Maggi: save hotel cost

Maggi: why not

Maggi: Stefan is bigger than you

Michael C: Well if you're halfway serious count me in! I'd LOVE to!

Maggi: what are you doing in Sept

Michael C: Coming to Germany! What's ELTAF?

Maggi: hook u with Vance online

Michael C: Vance would probably come. And he can get his company to pay aas usual.

Maggi: English Language Teachers's Association of Frankfurt.

Michael C: OK.

Maggi: sheesh every one of the organization in Europe would come then

Michael C: But - really - if there is a slight chance of this happeing you'd need to let me know asap.

Maggi: well...I caqn email Marina who is in charge today

Michael C: OK. I ain't kidding you know. I'd move mountains if it were possible.

Maggi: I know...would beat having Dave Sperling I think

Michael C: It would also get me away from the Olympic hooha here. Me -p beat Dave Sperling??? How do you figure that out?

Maggi: well...he is just a name

Maggi: we are a trio

Michael C: So am I to people in Germany. Except you.....ah now I get you. Yes - the trio thing is good. Triple value!

Maggi: yes..

Michael C: Are you there Bridgett?

Maggi: and appeal considering wehere we all live and where our students come from

Maggi: she is probably just listening

Michael C: Yeh - you have a built in world community with webheads.

Maggi: and deleting mail

Maggi: she is a great fashion designer

Michael C: Have you seen her stuff?

Maggi: she sent me some of her sketches

Maggi: great stuff

Michael C: I see. She's great to talk to in the voice chat.

Maggi: made me want to start sewing again!

Maggi: has a melodous voice I bet

Michael C: I am in 2 minds bout this voice chat thing....Bridgett sounds very Jamaican! It's a great accent.

Maggi: Wwhich two?

Michael C: I thinkl I said before - we should schedule a different time for the voice chat.

Maggi: not to me, but it makes sense

Michael C: Cos I think wjhat happens here is really valuable and the logs are a great resource. You can't log voice chat.

Maggi: that is a downside

Michael C: And if we have them at the same time it;s like the haves and the have nots.

Maggi: I think the others who can't come enjoy reading the log

Michael C: Yeh maybe....I often wonder about that.

Maggi: they do

Michael C: You know this?

Maggi: yep

Maggi: from some

Bridgett: I am back

Michael C: OK. That would be a good question to asl everybody actually.

Maggi: I hate putting people into groups where one might feel left out

Michael C: Hi again Bridgett. Got a nice empty mail box??

Maggi: hey there Bridgett

Bridgett: yes I do , but its fulling up again .

Maggi: stop talking so much...LOL

Michael C: I hope you don't mind if we stay here for now Bridgett (and not voice chat) Is that OK?

Maggi: Gloria said she would coime too

Maggi: she had to take care of some mail too!

Michael C: Otherwise Maggi would be all alone!


Maggi: did it again

Maggi: laptop keyboard is too small

gloria: @64,64 !It's gloria

Michael C: Ying Lan may also come. She;s just come on line.

Maggi: See...Hi Gloria!!

Michael C: Howdy Gloria!

Maggi: is surrounded by ladies

gloria: Hello everybody!

Michael C: YL will appear any minute now.....I'm happy to be surrounded by women.

Maggi: I bet!!

gloria: lucky guy!

Maggi: look at that smile

Maggi: LOL

Michael C: VERY lucky! And then if Ying comes it's even better!

gloria: How are you all?

Maggi: Gloria?

gloria: fine too

Michael C: I feel good Gloria (all the female company)

Maggi: Birds are very busy here

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Maggi: but way too early!

Michael C: Evening Ying!

Maggi: hI yING!

Ying-Lan: Sorry for being late.

Ying-Lan: HI, Bridgett/ gloria/ Michaelc and maggi,.

gloria: what about

Michael C: No matter Ying.

Maggi: looks like my fingers have been drinking again...

Michael C: If we go to the voice chat Ying and Maggi can't come.

Maggi: we can talk here

gloria: I'll try..hold on

Michael C: Hey everyone - if I have a voice chat session anothere day what day is best for you?

Ying-Lan: ^No matter, but some people gater and ask Presidend Lee resigns the chairman of KMT in Taipei.

Ying-Lan: gather

Ying-Lan: Just like civil war without violence.

Ying-Lan: Police is very busy now.

Bridgett: hello ying-lan

Bridgett: and gloria

Ying-Lan: ^Hello... sorry for talking about the policial problme of Taiwan.

Michael C: Yes Ying - congrats with your new president. Are you happy about it?

Maggi: as long as China doesn't get in it too

Ying-Lan: Not so much,,, but my father is happy very much.

Maggi: why?

Michael C: I see.

Ying-Lan: ^He hates KMT, remember?

Maggi: oh

Michael C: KMT = political party in Taiwan.

Ying-Lan: He said he is Taiwanese not Chinese... because of 228

Ying-Lan: His teacher was dead in 228

Ying-Lan: He only a child at that time.

Ying-Lan: He was only a child at that time.

Michael C: Gloria - it was bad luck you came late yesterday.

Ying-Lan: But he can not forget the everything happened.

Michael C: ...for the conference session. It was really good.

Ying-Lan: I stop to talk the political problem.

Maggi: talk about

Ying-Lan: I could not turn on my computer yesterday.

Ying-Lan: In fact, I just got there by chance ...

Bridgett: brb

gloria: Hi again

Ying-Lan: But I caught you... that's great!

Ying-Lan: Hi, gloria...

gloria: it was a pity

Michael C: Gloria - what are you going to do today?

gloria: rest :)

Michael C: smiles...

Maggi: anything is better thn what I am doing

Maggi: taxes...yuk!!

gloria: I'm trying with our voice chat..

Michael C: brb

gloria: Ying Can you speak some words..I see you are at the voice chat

Ying-Lan: I do not start to work on Tax report... Sad

Ying-Lan: sure

Ying-Lan: ^That's strange! I can not hold on F9 button when I want to talk...

gloria: yeah..same thing around here

Ying-Lan: Michaelc,,, would you check your web site... something wrong!!!!!

Michael C: Ying - are you using Netcape or IE?

Ying-Lan: IE 5.

Michael C: OK - I'' check it.....

Maggi: Microsoft....

Ying-Lan: ^It is the first time it doesn't work.

gloria: Maggi, were you at the conference?

Maggi: yes I was

Ying-Lan: What?

Maggi: I saw you come

Maggi: but it was too late

gloria: Something remmarkable?

Maggi: short but they were impressed

Maggi: maybe we do it again here in Germany at our conference here in Sept.

Ying-Lan: Were you here yesterday?

Maggi: ho Ying?

Maggi: who

gloria: did you have a chat?

Michael C: The voice chat is working fine for me Ying.

Ying-Lan: ^You know I was glad I left my mic in my office.... I did not need to speak it out... ;-))

Michael C: LOL @Ying!

Maggi: what do you mean Ying?

Michael C: She did not want to speak at the conference!

Michael C: Gloria - I thought yeserday was fantastic.

Ying-Lan: I've got some truouble with speaking English.

Michael C: Not much trouble!

Maggi: it is in your head Ying

Ying-Lan: In my head?

Maggi: your head

Maggi: what you think

Maggi: but it is not true

Ying-Lan: got it..

gloria: can you tellme MC?

Michael C: Maggi thinks you imagine it Ying!

Michael C: Sorry Glorai - tell you what?

gloria: it is a pity I can not use the hearme chat room

Ying-Lan: I knew that...Everying is in my head.

Michael C: can you hear me talking there Gloria?

gloria: no

Ying-Lan: NO, I can not hear you.

gloria: I can not use F9

Michael C: Mmm - that is a pity. But if neither you and Ying can hear me then there's a problem. It works for me.

Maggi: same problem I had with it

Ying-Lan: I can not talk to you, either.

gloria: I'll try restarting my computer

gloria: brb

Michael C: OK Gloria.

Michael C: Until yesterday I always used it in Netscape. Now ot works with only IE!

Ying-Lan: Maggi, you can to Micahelc's web site but you could not press F9 button, right?

Maggi: when I tried it last week

Ying-Lan: It worked yesterday.

Ying-Lan: ^I can heard you guys clearly during conference.

Maggi: my son was trying on his computer and he may have done something wrong.

Ying-Lan: ^i also use IE5 yesterday.

Michael C: Maybe there's problems with the hearme servers...

Ying-Lan: ^

Ying-Lan: ^Ask "hear me" by email?

Michael C: maybe try Netscape and see what happens Ying...

Ying-Lan: Wait... I try it.

Michael C: Yes I will ask them Ying. But first I'll try reinstalling Netscape.

Michael C: Ah...technical hassles!

Michael C: While we're waiting maggi I'll ring a friend in A'dam and check about Saturday night.

Maggi: thank you

Maggi: or maybe if they don't mind just the number if I can't find anything

Maggi: there are a lot of bridges..LOL

Michael C: Gonna get a coffee - brb. Lots of bridfge with water under them. Except for near Centraal Station. Lots of people sleep there!

Maggi: tulip time I guess

Ying-Lan: ^I can not get the plug-in by Netscape today.

Ying-Lan: I press the grant button and I saw the computer installed it,,, but it doesn't work.

Michael C: Oh well Ying. Before when you were using IE5 I could see your name in the box. Could you see mine and Gloria's?

Ying-Lan: sure

Ying-Lan: I saw you name in the list.

Michael C: Mmm - strange. maybe we can try it again later this week.

Ying-Lan: alright, send me the email if you want to do it.

Michael C: I'm going to leave you now. Maggi - if you stay can you log? (I will Ying.)

Ying-Lan: I will be home after 8 p.m.

Ying-Lan: When does Vance go home?

Michael C: Maggi?????? Yoohoo!

gloria: @64,64 !It's gloria

Ying-Lan: o.k. Michael c. I will let maggi know that you want her to save log.

gloria: I give up with the voice chat page..

Maggi: yes I can

Ying-Lan: maggi is here now.

Ying-Lan: See you Micaelc..

Michael C: Vance gets home next weekend I think. He and Maggi are meeting in Amsterdam on Saturday.

Maggi: bye mc

Maggi: we are meeting thurs

Maggi: he should be home the next day

Ying-Lan: Really.. that''s great.. you meet each other at the first time.

Michael C: Godd night everyone. We'll try the voice chat thing another day.

Maggi: I am staying the weekend mc

Michael C: And let me know about September Maggi....

Maggi: will do

Ying-Lan: Gloria.. the hear me softwear does not work now.

Michael C: Bye!!!!

Maggi: bye

gloria: well ok

Ying-Lan: bye- Michaelc.

gloria: bye everybody

Maggi: bye

gloria: well ok

Ying-Lan: bye- Michaelc.

gloria: bye everybody

Ying-Lan: gloria do you want to go?

gloria: have a nice sunday!!!!

gloria: will you stay?

Ying-Lan: In Australia, it is midnight so Michaelc wants to sleep now.

Maggi: not a bad idea

Ying-Lan: I could stay here until 9 p.m.

Ying-Lan: It is 8:48 p.m. now.

gloria: what time is there?

gloria: ok ok

Ying-Lan: ^It is p.m.:49

Ying-Lan: ^8.:49 p.m.

Maggi: here in Grmany it is almost 2pm

Maggi: 13.49

Ying-Lan: Have you eat your lunch, maggi?

gloria: have you had lunch yet?

Maggi: no

Maggi: or breakfast

Maggi: I am getting hungry

Ying-Lan: ^Break-lun

Maggi: brunch you mean

gloria: what for eat at your home Maggi?

Ying-Lan: ^I always eat Breadfast and lunch at the same time on Sunday.

Ying-Lan: breakfast

Maggi: I think I will make some turkey and vegetables

Ying-Lan: Vegetable salad?

Maggi: but first a roll with salmon

gloria: are you home alone?

Maggi: son just got up

Ying-Lan: Probably maggi with her son.

Maggi: no salad Ying

gloria: how old is he?

Maggi: 17

Ying-Lan: How do you cook "vegetable"?

Maggi: stir fried with the turkey

Ying-Lan: ^When I was in Vancouver, they only eat raw vegetable.

Maggi: I do in summer

gloria: how is the weather in germany today?

Ying-Lan: ^fried with turkey... it is delicious.

Ying-Lan: with potato or tormato...

Maggi: yuk Gloria

gloria: yuk?

Maggi: no potatoes or tomatoes

Maggi: yuk means not nice

Maggi: cloudy and cool

gloria: pity!

Maggi: cloudy

Ying-Lan: It is Spring now....

Maggi: yes...well not yet here

gloria: well...bye bye See you around..

Ying-Lan: It is time to say bye--- you need to have your lunch.

Ying-Lan: Does your officemate go home?

Maggi: ok.just have to save the log

Maggi: my officemate?

Ying-Lan: The one who came to Taiwan last year..

Ying-Lan: Remember?

Maggi: she is home here for two weeks and then goes back

Maggi: she is not an officemate but was a stude4nt of mine

Ying-Lan: I formated my computer and lost most of email address.

Ying-Lan: Yes.. I use the wrong word.

Ying-Lan: say hi to her.

Maggi: I can send you her address again

Maggi: I will

Ying-Lan: o.k.

Ying-Lan: see you next week.

Ying-Lan: bye-bye

Maggi: bye then...have a nice evening

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