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Chat with students Ying Lan from Taiwan, Moral from China, Felix from Brazil, and Bridgett from Jamaica - and teachers Michael C and Maggi

March 12, 2000

Michael's commentary: This was another long chat, and for a change it all happened at the Palace - just like the good old days! Michael and Maggi started off talking about Maggi's visit to Amsterdam (where she is going to meet Vance) and then one by one, Moral, Ying Lan, and Felix joined in. Ying Lan and Moral talked about the relationship between Taiwan and China, and then Ying Lan told a story from Taiwanese history. After Michael went to bed, the others continued till the Palace froze. Finally Bridget joined and she and Maggi talked women's business!

Maggi and Michael C have been chatting in the Palace when Moral appears:

Michael C: Hello Moral!

Maggi: Hey Moral

Moral: @64,64 !It's Moral

Michael C: Nice to meet you here Moral.

Maggi: How are you Moral?

Moral: hello, nice to meet all of you

Maggi: all of us...I think I am all here

Maggi: :-)

Moral: ni hao, maggi

Maggi: ni hao

Michael C: Moral - while i think of it. I'm still waiting for you to authorise me on ICQ.

Moral: hello michael, nice to meet you here

Michael C: Maybe you can do that some time.

Moral: Ok, Michael. i know

Michael C: So where are you Moral? Home?

Moral: i am at home

Maggi: Ying should be coming soon

Michael C: Vance said you were here for 4 hours last week!!!!

Moral: lets talk and wait

Maggi: no...we were here for 4 hrs

Michael C: Oh - not with Moral.

Moral: no, michael, i was late,

Michael C: Ok

Maggi: talking with everyone who came and went

Moral: because i was busy to install softwares

Maggi: someone always turned up

Moral: maggi, why are so sleepy. are you too tired?

Michael C: You've done well Moral. It's not easy to get here.

Maggi: that can take time Moral

Moral: i downloaded place for a long time

Maggi: no...been doing my taxes...:-)

Moral: but just use it recently

Maggi: Better?

Moral: yes , i use it much better(i think)

Maggi: ok shei shei

Moral: maggi, do you know RS company in Europe?

Maggi: Wwhat does RS stand for?

Moral: a component company, i don't know what it stands for

Moral: electric component

Maggi: which country are they based in?

Moral: i guess British

Maggi: I could find out

Moral: it means it is not so famous as they told me

Maggi: I also know someone in Cchina and she sells tableware

Moral: who?

Maggi: I guess not Moral.

Michael C: I'm talking to YL - she's having tech problems...

Maggi: her nickname is Cat

Moral: cat?

Maggi: yes, cat

Moral: is he on the list?

Moral: michael, i did't ge you request

Michael C: YL's ICQ nickname is Cat?

Maggi: she is on my list...she iss also a single mother...very nice person

Maggi: no Michael...someone else I know in China

Moral: i get she is not YL

Maggi: no, she is not

Michael C: moral - just sent you an ICQ message. Did you get it?

Ying Lan joins the chat.

 Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Moral: i got it

Ying-Lan: Hi, Everyone...

Moral: hello, yiinglan!

Ying-Lan: Nice to meet you again.

Ying-Lan: Hi, moral.

Ying-Lan: Hi, maggi.

Moral: nice to meet you yinglan

Ying-Lan: Moral, Are you at home?

Moral: yes, i am at home

Ying-Lan: You have your own computer, right?

Maggi: Hi Ying

Moral: yes, you are right, yinglan

Ying-Lan: That's great!

Ying-Lan: I knew that computer is still be expensive for Chinese.

Maggi: they are for most people Ying

Ying-Lan: Yes. it is.

Ying-Lan: I am wrong.

Moral: i always wanted to be here, and i am glad i make it now.

Maggi: it is nice to have you here...:-)

Ying-Lan: You mean you are happy to be in the Palace virtual classroom to talk to us?

Moral: computers may not be so expensive in china. many people have it


Ying-Lan: Or you are happy to be in China?

Maggi: oops

Michael C: How rude of Maggi to shout at us.

Maggi: my finger slipped

Maggi: the laptop keyboard is smaller

Ying-Lan: Computer is popular in China, isn't it?

Moral: yes, ying

Michael C: Moral - do you now have an ICQ message asking you to authorise me?

Maggi: Back then China was closed and i WANTED TO TALK TO THE PEOPLE SO BADLY IN THEIR LANGUAGE.

Moral: many people arround me have it

Ying-Lan: Everyong could read any information from the internet like me?

Maggi: sorry...did it again

Michael C: Shouting again!

Moral: i don't get get it michael

Ying-Lan: Sorry, Maggi.

Maggi: this is why Clinton wants China in the WTO


Ying-Lan: I knew that what Clinton has done.

Michael C: Well Moral - maybe just send me a short message and see what happens?

Maggi: well Clinton does not have the final say

Michael C: Why does Clinto want China in the WTO?

Maggi: I love the Chinese language

Ying-Lan: Michaelc, Can you send me the request?

Maggi: to open them up

Maggi: he figures this will do more than anything to keep the govt from going back nd restricting people again

Ying-Lan: I fthink Clinton wants China Goverment open his policy to accept something what has done well.

Michael C: Well Bill C is probably right about that.

Ying-Lan: what has done well in West Society.

Maggi: I think he is Michael

Maggi: we all know all too well the effects of market pressures

Maggi: :-)

Maggi: I am not so sure it is the best thing for China Ying

Ying-Lan: In other words, if China open her market that will help American to get great pfofit.

Maggi: no...

Maggi: not neccessarily

Ying-Lan: But I think it is good for China and Taiwan.

Maggi: it will not be easy

Michael C: I agree with YL!

Ying-Lan: If Chinese people could read more information and get more knowledge.... they probablly chang their mind to make peace with Taiwan.

Maggi: sure the Americans are money oriented...why do you think Michael the new trend is to hire CEO's from Australia?

Ying-Lan: CEO?

Ying-Lan: Who is CEO here?

Maggi: chief executive officer

Maggi: the head of a company

Michael C: Because Australian CEO's are cheaper?

Maggi: ha

Ying-Lan: Another new word.. CIO

Moral: i agree that china need the world, and the world needs china too

Maggi: they have the wild west mentality

Maggi: Moral is right

Maggi: We have to learn to live with each other

Ying-Lan: Moral... It doesn't matter with the NECESSARY. We are equal and independent.

Maggi: we cnnot ignore each other

Moral: great rewards willl come to those who can live togother

Maggi: nice swaying Moral:-)

Maggi: saqying

Maggi: saying

Maggi: LOL

Michael C: Great typing Maggi!

Maggi: thnks mc

Michael C: More great typing!

Moral: but yinglan, chinese people want taiwan just for some feeling,

Michael C: (sorry Maggi!)

Maggi: must be some ssort of Freudian slip...

Ying-Lan: What kind of feeling do you want?

Moral: some feeling of the whole nation.

Moral: you can understand.

Maggi: I think you have both grown too far apart Moral

Moral: i guess few nations tolerent apart

Moral: we went too far? maggi?

Maggi: you have different ideas of what it means to be Chinese

Michael C: Sorry Moral - what do you mean?

Ying-Lan: Today,I read a wonderful book talking about 228 event in train.

Moral: what about it yinglan

Maggi: went in different directions

Ying-Lan: 228 is a sad event what happened in 1949.

Moral: with you?maggi

Michael C: Go on Ying....

Maggi: you may come bqck together in the future


Moral: Oh, massacre?

Michael C: (228 is a strange name for an event)

Maggi: ooops

Maggi: did it again

Ying-Lan: 228 event changed the fate of Taiwan.

Michael C: So what was 228?

Maggi: no Moral...I think the mainland China and Taiwan have gone too far apart Moral

Moral: the use of force is not good , nobody wants to see it/

Moral: yes, i agre with you , maggi

Ying-Lan: The Chairman of Taiwan in 1949, he wanted to build Tawain to be a good place for Taiwanese after Taiwan come back to China from Japan.

Michael C: Yes....

Ying-Lan: His frist name is Chen.

Maggi: I hope that the people in power don't do anything stupid

Moral: i hope so too

Ying-Lan: Chen is a Chinese and love China very much.

Michael C: I'm listening Ying...

Ying-Lan: But He trusted some bad guys and those bad guys cheated him.

Michael C: What happened to Chen?

Ying-Lan: Those bad officer got a lot of money and made Tainwan hated them very much.

Ying-Lan: Some Taiwanses were bad especaillly some were good with Japanese.

Felix joined the chat.

 Felix: @64,64 !It's Felix

Ying-Lan: Just call those Bad Taiwanese named "GAnG".

Michael C: On good terms with the Japanese/

Michael C: Hi Felix!

Felix: Hi everybody

Moral: welcome felix

Maggi: Hi Felix!

Felix: Thanks Moral.

Moral: you are welcome

Ying-Lan: The Bad officer stolen rice to sell to China mainland.

Michael C: YL is telling a story from Taiwan's history...

Felix: ok.

Moral: i don't know the event at all

Ying-Lan: Rice was expensive at that time.

Ying-Lan: People could not buy rice and the necessary from the market at the time.

Ying-Lan: So we can understand the people feeling.

Michael C: I'm still waiting to know why it's called 228?

Moral: it is difficult to feed yourself

Moral: I was that time

Ying-Lan: The cigarette bareau system runned, people only sold the cigarette they made .. it was illegal.

Maggi: how was carnival Felix?

Felix: for the first time it was peacful maggi..

Ying-Lan: One day, a poor woman sold the cigarette in street but she met the policemen. They qrgue...

Felix: peaceful

Maggi: getting older Felix...:-)

Michael C: You must be getting old Felix (snap!0

Felix: :o))

Ying-Lan: fight.... In Taipei city. some peopel died. Peopel was angry what the policeman had done.

Ying-Lan: I forget the word.. what do you say about the war between people and soldier?

Felix: civil war?

Michael C: And how's your new life Felix - still only coming home on weekends? (Yes Civil war)

Ying-Lan: GANG "bad Taiwanese" hitted Chinese in Street...

Moral: Please ignore:ÖÐÎÄÊäÈë

Ying-Lan: Civil war was spead in Taiwan Island.

Felix: I am working a lot Michael... I haven`t had the change to enjoy the city yet.....

Michael C: Sometimes it can be like that eh? You just work and you could be anywhere....

Ying-Lan: GANG hitted any Chinese, I mean they alos hitted the good Chinses.

Felix: yeah.. But I am eager to give me a break and relax...

Michael C: YL - past tense of hit is hit!

Ying-Lan: After the Civil War, Govermant arrested a lot of people into jail.

Moral: how did they the poeple?

Michael C: Do you get a break sometime soon Felix?

Ying-Lan: We just knew a lot of poeple were innocent but died in jail.

Moral: identify chinese and taiwannesej

Ying-Lan: It is hard to say in English.

Michael C: Good question Moral.

Felix: I hope so Mc

Maggi: at least you can't be bored Felix

Ying-Lan: Both.

Felix: yes...but I need to fresh my mind.

Moral: Ok, yinglan, i'll be waiting for you chinese about it.

Michael C: How could the tell the difference between a Chinese and Taiwanese person?

Ying-Lan: The civial war was happened on 28, FEb. that's why we called it is 228 event.

Moral: they look same

Moral: we

Maggi: they can't look different

Michael C: 2/28 - so 228! Got it!

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Ying-Lan: In Tawain, Some Taiwanese hated Chinese because of 228 event.

Ying-Lan: I don't think so the 228 event caused by Chinses.

Ying-Lan: When I read newspaper and watch what happened in the World.

Felix: Is Vance in Frisco?

Michael C: Ying - thanks for that story. Maybe you could write it down and we could correct it and put in on your webpage.

Michael C: Yeh - V is asleep in SF.

Felix: I see.

Ying-Lan: I also find another new 228 event happened in other country,.. like indonesia.

Michael C: And I'm about to be asleep here!

Moral: good idea

Felix: I just woke up

Ying-Lan: Peopel never learn the experience from the history.

Michael C: Maggi - can you continue doing the log?

Ying-Lan: Hi. Felix.

Felix: Hi Ying

Ying-Lan: Sorry for being a talktive... I talk too much.

Maggi: sure mc...justhad to anser nature's call

Felix: But Ying. we are here to talk.

Michael C: OK - take over when I quit.

Moral: michael, if i can speak here, may i speak to people face to face?

Maggi: how do you mean Moral?

Michael C: Do you mean with sound Moral?

Ying-Lan: Michael.. another qurestion... do you understand what I said?

Moral: i mean real face to face talk

Felix: are you at voice chat also?

Maggi: you mean with a camera then

Michael C: YL - I understood most of what you said. I will look at the log later and check anything I didn't understand.

Moral: i am can you practise speaking english like this?

Maggi: why not

Felix: Moral.. do you have a cam?

Maggi: they do in video conferencing

Moral: what is a cam

Maggi: a camra

Felix: cam is short for camera

Moral: no, i don'd have it

Maggi: camera

Felix: I think I am the only student who has it!!! what a pity

Michael C: I really must go folks. Have a wonderful time further. (Sorry I had to leave after you just got here Felix.)

Felix: Don`t worry Mc..

Michael C: Have a good week everyone.

Moral: Ok, bye michael, ask you later

Felix: 4 u 2 Mc

Michael C: OK Moral. Goodnight all.

Michael goes off to bed.

????: I dont know if I will be able to participate in Vance`s presentation

Ying-Lan: It is too early for me.

Moral: we don't know the date

Ying-Lan: I can not get up so early.

Felix: the time is ok for me.. But I think I will be at college.

Moral: it is 7 am here

Ying-Lan: maggi, do you understand what the 228 even is?

Felix: It`ll be 8 pm for me

Ying-Lan: How about your work Felix, are you at home?

Felix: no.. I am at work..

Maggi: Yes I do Ying.

Moral: maggi, you said you know a person in china. only on the Net ?

Ying-Lan: You are still working on Sunday?

Maggi: It is on Friday the 17th 11 GMT

Felix: No Ying.. I live in the same place I work.

Maggi: Yes i DO yING...

Ying-Lan: Feliex, you live with your family now?

Felix: no.. My family is in another city....

Ying-Lan: You do not need to go home evey week...

Felix: Yep... But I was traveling and got here yesterday...

Moral: 11 pm GMt, or an?

Moral: or am?

Felix: And because of this trip the atmosphere there is not that good. :o))

Felix: 11 pm gtm

Ying-Lan: Why?

Ying-Lan: You will be happy after travelling.

Felix: Jealously..... That`s all about!

Moral: Ok, it is 7 am. I hoped it will be pm

Ying-Lan: What time is in your city? Moral.

Moral: 21:09, and how about you Ying?

Ying-Lan: What time is it in your city? It is 8:04 pm

Ying-Lan: I think you are earlier than me one hour.

Ying-Lan: but I am wrong. we are at the same time zone.

Moral: yes , i remember we are

Moral: what is the rooms in there? maggi?

Maggi: sorry...someone left a real mess in the conference room

Ying-Lan: Felix, can I delet "Bahia" in my icq list?

Moral: than you for cleaning it up

Felix: Yep

Maggi: I didn't

Moral: does the place always open in a whole weeK?

Maggi: clean up the room I mean

Felix: Maggi what does Rip a Fella's... mean?

Ying-Lan: You mean our virtual classroom?

Moral: yes, yinglan

Ying-Lan: The classroom is always open.. but we only come here on Sundya.

Ying-Lan: Sunday.

Moral: Ok, i know. i want have some friends here some other time

Ying-Lan: You could visit another room any time..

Felix: Maggi????

Moral: thank you ying, i know now

Maggi: yes...

Felix: Maggi, what does Rip a Fella`s mean?

Maggi: a takeoff on Rockafeller

Maggi: his name

Felix: uh??

At this point the screen froze for all of us and we couldn't get back.

Then some time later Moral and I managed but Felix was busy and after Moral left

Brigitte showed up...


Maggi: @64,64 !It's Maggi

Maggi: ok...

Moral: hi maggi

Maggi: what a trip

Maggi: now let's see if I can get Felix here

Moral: you are so tired, cheers up!

Maggi: there

Moral: can you get him?

Maggi: I sent him a mag on icq

Maggi: message

Moral: Ok

Maggi: Ying must have been kicked off

Moral: even in Icq

Moral: ?

Maggi: yes...she is not there

Moral: i don't have both of them on my list

Maggi: Felix is still there

Maggi: how is the weather where you are?

Maggi: I wish so much for Spring

Maggi: the birds too!

Moral: it is spring here.

Maggi: Felix is busy with something els3

Maggi: else

Maggi: how warm is it?

Moral: about 20 C degree

Maggi: ohhhhhh nice!

Moral: how is your weather?

Maggi: grey and about 10C

Moral: a little cold

Maggi: A little sun would help

Moral: i am going to change my job to RS local branch, so i asked you

Moral: do you get back to the us often?

Maggi: what kind of company is it?

Maggi: no...I don't go often...wevery 3-5 yrs

Moral: it is a electric component company

Maggi: every

Moral: in British

Maggi: in Britian...electronic components...

Moral: yes

Maggi: I could look on the stock exchange

Moral: i 'll be on the position of sales engineer

Maggi: wow...good for you!

Moral: i don't know if it is a good company.

Moral: can you speak germany language/

Moral: ?


Maggi: ahhhhhh

Maggi: sorry

Moral: it is almost impossible

Maggi: I am fluent in German

Maggi: that is a shame

Maggi: maybe when China belongs to the WTO

Moral: do you think people can use second lungusge as good as native users?

Moral: china is underway to WTO

Maggi: only if you grow up with both

Maggi: my son has two mother tongues

Moral: it is teffific

Maggi: I am good but have aqn accent...he doesn't

Moral: teriffic

Maggi: terrific

Moral: yes

Moral: OK , i've got to leave now. bye, Maggi.

Maggi: bye Moral...nice talking with you...:-)

Moral: see you some other day

Maggi: it was always my dream

Maggi: to actually talk to someone in China

Maggi: dreams do come true...:-)


Moral leaves and Bridgett show up.


Bridgett: @64,64 !It's Bridgett

Maggi: Hi!1

Maggi: mORAL LEFT...

Bridgett: I maggi how are

Maggi: he had to go

Maggi: how are you?

Maggi: I'm fine

Bridgett: who is that bird on the roof

Maggi: oh...Michael always leaves his birds all around

Maggi: never picks up after himself...

Bridgett: I wake up late

Maggi: how late?

Maggi: hello?

Bridgett: I am try to get my selt a new look

Maggi: ah...but you look just fine

Maggi: look at this

Maggi: I have better stuff n my other computer

Bridgett: this one dont have a lot of good thing ,

Maggi: I don't hve much here

Bridgett: I have to do it some other time, so every one is gone

Maggi: yes...most to bed

Maggi: wrong side of the world

Bridgett: I am just waking up and I have to sew a lot of stuff today

Maggi: sometimes I can say ggod night to Michael and good morning al in the same day...

Maggi: are busy today too!!

Maggi: I need to make some new clothes

Bridgett: yes m he and vance is that way they are one whole day in front of me

Maggi: but i DON'T HAVE THE TIME

Bridgett: yes what do you like

Maggi: Vance is 4 hrs ahead of me

Maggi: and Michael 9.5...

Bridgett: sand me a photo and I will do you some skechs

Maggi: but the summer time this month will change that

Bridgett: I sew all my clothes and my sister

Maggi: I am not sure yet what I want to make

Bridgett: I have lot of summer stuff

Maggi: I have even made a 3 pice pin-strped suit for a man

Maggi: 3 piece

Maggi: that was a lot of work

Bridgett: I dont do men stuff, only shirt

Maggi: then he got too fat to wear it!!

Bridgett: yes men stuff is a lot of work

Maggi: shirts I made lots of...

Maggi: at first I put the buttons on the wrong side...:-)

Bridgett: the shirt are nice to make

Maggi: if you do the buttons right!

Bridgett: there button is on the leftside and woman is on the right

Maggi: I figure who cares

Maggi: as long as you can button it

Bridgett: everthing for a man is on the left

Maggi: :-)

Maggi: they are left brain oriented...

Maggi: maaybe that is why

Maggi: hehehe

Bridgett: hay maggi you said it they are

Maggi: even hangs to the left...:-)

Maggi: oh and Vance will get on me for that...:-)

Bridgett: maggi I have to go my daughter want brakefast

Maggi: ok

Maggi: I have lots to do too!

Bridgett: they will not like it one bit , but its the truth

Maggi: :-)m I know

Maggi: magnatism maybe

Maggi: magnetism

Bridgett: I will see you later maggi

Maggi: bye Brigitte

Maggi: have a great day!

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