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Meet Anurag

I am Anurag from India. I joined this group just out of curiosity some time back. But was too cautious to participate earlier.

Anurag's picture can go here.

Meanwhile, had the pleasure to go through some really nice, sweet and pleasurable mails. Felt close to the group and finally decided to post my views.

But one thing still worries me. As I see it, the group revolves around the effective use of English language. Now as such that is not a issue for me (as it was medium of instruction at school and college). So can I still be a member?

Please clarify.



Vance's reply:

Hello Anurag, and welcome to our community ...

Your email is itself nice, sweet, and pleasurable. I'm heartened that an outside observer would warm up to our group in this way and eventually come to feel like an insider.

You are correct that the impetus for our group is to help people to learn English. (Impetus, for the language learners in our group, means an original reason to get something started.) I'm sure that people join our group because they feel it might help them with their English, but they probably stay with the group for other more humanistic reasons in addition to language improvement. Of course we do try to help people with their English, but we do so by correcting the the things that they WANT to write. We are in other words, communicative. We provide not only correction, but an audience and feedback for one another. We also provide an opportunity to learn more about and share expertise in web-based and multimedia technology.

If you feel an affinity for the group, as we do, then you are welcome to participate and contribute in any way that you would like to. Your level of English would be appreciated by those in the group who would like to communicate with you and learn more about you and how you live in your part of the world.

You "joined" the group when you subscribed to So you have been a welcome member for some time. If you would like to introduce yourself, send pictures, or tell us more about where you live, we would appreciate hearing from you.



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